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Legal Requirements

A few details to ensure your day flows smoothly.

The legal requirements to wed in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands are as follows:

  1. You must be in the Country for a minimum of three business days. This is to establish temporary residency (if applicable).
  2. If you are living in TCI, you will require a certified Copy of Legal Status.
  3. Copies of your Birth Certificates and Passports notarized by a Notary or signed by a Justice of the Peace.
  4. If single – a search of the Registry in the Country/State where the person lives, stating that there is no record of a previous marriage or a sworn affidavit from the Registrar’s Office in the country where you reside validating your marital status. This also requires a notarized TCI Affidavit.
  5. If one of the parties is divorced, then proof of “Divorce Decree Absolute” is required, either the original or notarized copy, sealed by the Clerk of the Court.
  6. In the case of a widow/widower, a certified copy of the Death Certificate and certified copy of the Marriage Certificate verifying the marriage between the deceased spouse and declarant.
  7. If the declarant is under 21 years of age but over the age of 16, a certified consent from both parents in writing allowing the marriage is required.
  8. Any Passports or documentation written in any language other than English should be translated in advance and notarized by the applicable consulate.
  9. You will need to supply a copy of the TCI Immigration Arrival and Departure Form. You will receive this upon entering Turks and Caicos. This will need to be notarized.
  10. Application for a Marriage License Form and Declarant Application Form are to be hand written by the couple upon arrival and signed with the Marriage Officiate.

***You should plan on meeting with the ceremony officiate two business days in advance of the ceremony to complete all of the legal documentation.