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Tips For Taking Spectacular Photos On Your Turks & Caicos Vacation

Paradise Photography here in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos has offered resort guests staying at The Sands at Grace Bay the following tips for taking terrific and memorable photos during your Turks & Caicos vacation:

Tip 1: Subject Placement:

Placing your subject directly in the center of the image often produces a weak composition.  An image with strong composition will take the viewer on a journey throughout the image.  By placing your subject off center, the rest of the composition is available to highlight the secondary elements that help support the main subject. Capture more of the beautiful lush gardens, beaches, sunsets, and tropical scenery that Turks & Caicos offers by posing people “off-center.”


Tip 2: Twilight, the Other Sweet Light:

Sunset is the usual favored time of day to take photographs in the tropics.  However, it is also a very challenging time to balance your lighting and get great shots because of the high contrast conditions.  Alternatively, twilight, which is the 20-minute period after the sun has set and before the sky turns completely dark, is a more forgiving and potentially more dramatic time to take photos. It is also easier to record the ambient light from artificially lit objects like buildings and foliage that also create a “pop” of contrast and color in your image background. The Sands’ lit poolside area offers a romantic setting for couples to take amazing twilight shots.

141 Caldeira 6399

Tip 3:  Leading Lines:

Leading lines are elements in a scene that can help to create a powerful  composition because they force the viewer to move throughout the image.  By placing your subject directly in the center of the frame without leading lines, your viewer will tend to start and stop directly in the center of the image, and the rest of the composition will essentially be wasted space. Try capturing the footsteps in the sand that lead to the subjects in your photo, for this “leading line” effect during your Turks & Caicos trip.


Tip 4:  Child Portraiture:

Taking photos of children on the beach can be challenging for a number of reasons.  Most notable is the fact that the child is often free to run and play.  This type of shooting condition makes it difficult for the photographer to control his or her subject.  By having the child play with a heavy or semi-fixed object like a toy, build a sand castle, or, in the case of the image below, a large piece of sheer fabric, the child is forced to stay in a small isolated shooting area. The pristine white-sand of Grace Bay Beach and the turquoise waters beyond, offers a stunning backdrop to any child portrait.

Debbie & Rosina-143

Paradise Photography is a full service boutique photography company located in Providenciales that offers a variety of different photography, videography and portrait package options for those visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands. The Master and Certified Professional Photographers offer a variety of custom photography services including weddings, creative family or couple portrait sessions, events, and more. For more information, visit www.MyParadisePhoto.com or call 202-494-0639.

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